Startup Ecosystems

The majority of technology- and knowledge-driven startups in Oslo are located in Oslo Science City. Here, they can collaborate with premier research and innovation ecosystems, and several incubators provide them with the facilities, networking opportunities, and services required for their growth.

The number of startups associated with Oslo Science City members is rising steadily. Research by Menon Economics reveals that a significant portion of Oslo's technology- and knowledge-based startups are located within the innovation district. Notably, successful ventures such as Nykode, Kahoot!, and Spacemaker have all emerged from this ecosystem.

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator and incubators like Aleap, Sharelab, Startup Lab in Oslo Science Park, are, alongside and environments associated with Sintef, instrumental in nurturing these startups. They provide essential resources such as office space, networking opportunities, and access to a wide array of services including business development, legal advice, intellectual property management, financing, and accounting, helping startups to thrive in their respective fields.

Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs), such as Inven2 and SINTEF TTO, play a pivotal role in ensuring that groundbreaking ideas from research and innovation are further developed into new products and services. Moreover, the University of Oslo has established the UiO Growth House innovation unit, aimed at fostering a robust innovation culture and equipping students and researchers with the necessary tools and knowledge to further their innovative ideas. Oslo University Hospital has introduced a Technology and Innovation Division, focusing on the safe and efficient adoption of new technologies and shaping future patient care.

Space to Grow. In Oslo Science City, we want a mix of new startups and larger, established knowledge-based companies. When such diverse entities can interact and exchange ideas and experiences, in collaboration with strong research and innovation environments, they make each other even stronger. Therefore, several of our members provide modern and flexible office spaces, as well as access to infrastructure such as various laboratories and logistic solutions, which meet the needs of both large and small companies - as well as scaling companies that are growing rapidly.

Fostering Social Innovation. Innovation comes in many forms, and not every innovative idea is suited for commercialization. Social innovation and entrepreneurship are also crucial, making it possible to enhance public services, improve the lives of vulnerable populations, and create societal value in other meaningful ways. Thus, fostering social innovation is a vital focus within Oslo Science City, aiming to make a broader impact beyond economic metrics.