About Oslo Science City

The innovation district Oslo Science City is Norway's most knowledge-intensive area, home to the country's top university, the largest hospital in the Nordic region, internationally leading research institutes, one of Europe's largest business schools, and dynamic startup environments.

Oslo Science City is Norway's first innovation district. Here, researchers, students, startup companies, businesses and public entities collaborate to develop a vibrant urban area where people meet to solve the challenges of the future and create value.

In total, 8,000 researchers, 40,000 students, and 300 startup companies are associated with Oslo Science City. Our mission is to be a platform for innovative collaboration between researchers, startups, industry, government, and the public sector. This will help us build an internationally leading innovation district that contributes to sustainable economic growth and job creation. The collaboration is facilitated through working groups, processes, and events, and we invite established businesses into our work through industrial partnerships.

We have identified four gravitational fields of excellence where Oslo Science City has, or realistically can build, world-leading knowledge environments:

  • Health and life sciences, with the country's strongest medical research environment located at Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo. More than two-thirds of medical research in Norway is carried out by members of Oslo Science City, and the innovation district gathers key players along the entire value chain of the health industry.
  • Climate, energy, and the environment, with a total of 2,200 researchers working to understand and prevent the climate and environmental crisis and develop new and sustainable solutions for production, storage, and distribution of energy. This includes some of the world's leading climate researchers and IPCC report authors.
  • Digitalization and computational science, with some of Europe's leading research environments in digitalization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. More than 1,000 researchers in Oslo Science City are working to develop knowledge, systems, and technologies crucial for the digital transformation of society.
  • Democracy and inclusion, where we have leading interdisciplinary research environments working to understand the conditions for a viable democracy, social sustainability, and fair transition in the face of technological changes, economic inequality, and anti-democratic forces.

We also create arenas where knowledge is conveyed, and important societal challenges are discussed. The conference concept Oslo Science City Arena is developed as a venue to elevate particularly important themes, questions, and societal challenges, where collaboration between researchers, startups, the business sector, and authorities is necessary to find the right solutions.

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