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Oslo Science City Arena

The Oslo Science City Arena conference concept is crafted as a platform to highlight important societal challenges that demand broad collaboration across diverse fields and sectors to uncover the best solutions.

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Oslo Science City Spearheads Major Democracy Initiative

Oslo Science City’s work on democracy and inclusion is gaining momentum, highlighted by the launch of Norway's largest academic conference on democracy. Vice-Dean at the University of Oslo, Mathilde Skoie, is stepping into a pivotal role in the innovation district’s effort.

Leading Actors Join Biomedicine Workgroup

Professor Kjetil Taskén leads the newly established biomedicine work process at Oslo Science City and has formed a think tank comprising leading figures from the entire research and innovation ecosystem.

Five Initiatives for Leveraging Norway’s Health Data

A recent BCG report, unveiled at the Norway Life Science conference, proposes targeted measures in five key areas to optimize the utilization of Norway's distinctive health data for health research and industry development.


Read about the development of Oslo Science City and the topics we are working on.

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