Health and life sciences

In Oslo Science City, groundbreaking new knowledge in health and life sciences is being developed into new products, treatments, and services that benefit patients and contribute to the rapidly growing Norwegian health industry.

Oslo Science City is the epicenter for health and life sciences in Norway, hosting two-thirds of the country’s research activities in these sectors.

Fostering Future Health Services. Oslo Science City is home to world-renowned researchers in fields such as medicine, physics, biology, computational sciences, technology, and computer science, who collaborate closely with medical staff. Together, they develop innovative technologies, medications, and medical services aimed at delivering sustainable healthcare amidst rising life expectancies and increasing demand for access to novel treatments. Billions of Euros are being invested in infrastructure and buildings within the innovation district, through projects like the Life Sciences Building, the new National Hospital, and expansions at Oslo Cancer Cluster and Sintef, ensuring access to top-tier facilities and research infrastructure.

Bridging Research, Industry, and Startups. As Norway’s fastest-growing and most startup-intensive sector, the health industry has seen a significant uptick in new enterprises within medtech, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics in Oslo. Incubators such as Oslo Cancer Cluster, Aleap, Spark Norway, and Startup Lab play a crucial role in this momentum. Oslo Science City facilitates tighter connections between research institutions, startups, and established businesses, enabling even more research to be further developed by companies that create new jobs and develop innovative treatments for patients both in Norway and globally.


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